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Find the Best Attorney for Your Case

When you wish to reunite your family or take advantage of a U.S. employment opportunity that substantially affects your future, you need the skilled legal help of a Las Vegas immigration attorney.

Immigration is our focus

Fountas & Associates has the knowledge and skills to deal with complex legal matters and employ the right immigration strategies to resolve your issues. Not all immigration attorneys in Las Vegas focus the majority of their practice on immigration. A general law practice may deal with many types of cases, and even though the firm has been in practice for a long time, the actual number of immigration cases handled may not be extensive.

At Fountas & Associates, we devote over 90% of our practice to immigration issues, and in that sense, when you retain our firm, you know you are hiring an experienced immigration lawyer in Law Vegas to manage your case. Our family law and criminal law practice is for the most part still immigrant related, helping clients deal with family issues or criminal charges that in some way affect their immigration status.

Client-oriented service from immigration lawyers in Las Vegas

As a small firm, we are able to provide clients with the personalized attention they need and dedicate time for thorough case preparation. We help clients:

  • Avoid fines and penalties
  • Obtain visas
  • Avert or deal with deportation and removal
  • Adjust to permanent resident status
  • Acquire U.S. citizenship

We understand how much a visa or green card can make a difference to achieving your goals. We also know how mistakes in filling out visa applications or Form N-400 can create repercussions and result in denial.

Our friendly staff help answer your questions and work to put you at ease. Your Las Vegas citizenship lawyer keeps you informed about case progress and lets you know what to expect during each step of the naturalization process. We stay current with changing immigration laws and help clients through all phases of immigration—from temporary to immigrant visas, green cards, and citizenship along with detention and deportation issues.

Immigration lawyers in Las Vegas can make a difference

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