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Las Vegas Other Legal Services

Attorney Constantinos Gus Fountas can provide services for divorce in Nevada. Nevada has some of the most lenient laws in the U.S. for divorce. This can result in quicker divorces than most other jurisdictions. One spouse must be a resident of Nevada for 6 weeks prior to filing a divorce. Once a divorce is filed by the plaintiff (or complaining party) the defending party must respond to the summons and complaint after being served with the divorce papers, within 20 days.

Parties may chose to file a divorce jointly. They must agree on all issues and a divorce may be granted in a matter of days.

Mr. Fountas also can provide services for an Order of Guardianship in family court. If a child is abandoned, neglected or abused, we can Request a Guardianship Order for someone who will be able to take care of that child. We provide this service for foreign national children who would then qualify for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and become permanent residents of the United States.

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